Who We Are


Good Neighboring Campaign is to help Asian immigrant family members become active US citizens by increasing access to information, developing capacity for civic engagement, and building civic accountability.


GNC seeks to help Asian immigrant family members in the United States reach their full potential in achieving their American dreams and maximize their contributions to the country, and thus become an integral part of strengthening the American society.

Successful immigration depends on how fast immigrants build solid foundations in communities and relationships with neighbors. We, Asian immigrant families, always need to be thinking about how our neighbors perceive us as community members. We will not build a strong foundation for our children if we don’t have good relationships with our neighbors and within our local communities. Despite the initial discomfort of mingling with neighbors who are from a different culture, this is the best way for us to establish ourselves. Besides, it can be fun!

GNC’s vision is that one day soon, immigrants from Asia will become America’s best neighbors and the most loyal citizens, happy when America wins, crying when America suffers, and devoting their talents and services to the communities where they live.


Good Neighboring Foundation, Inc.was founded in 2000 with a vision to transform the Asian immigrant communities in the United States.

Choosing the Korean immigrants as the first target population of focus, the Good Neighboring Foundation started its project, the Good Neighboring Campaign, to increase knowledge and involvement of Korean immigrants regarding American affairs through programs such as Patriotic Pocket Card, Good Neighboring Post, Message Mats, Good Neighboring Day, Community Appreciation Supper, Student Essay Contests, Good Neighbor of the Year Award, Etiquette Classes, Immigrants Leadership Forum, Presentations and column contributions,etc.

In 2010, Good Neighboring Foundation underwent structural and programmatic changes to develop a more systematic method of evaluating its efforts in helping Asian immigrant families become active citizens of the United States.

During these transitional years, the Good Neighboring Campaign started the KAmerican Post, U.S History & Systems Class, Adopt-A-Road Program, New American Hero Award, Radio broadcasting, Civic Leadership Program for Youth, Asian Retired and Senior Volunteer Program as well as better promoting past programs such asImmigrant Leadership Forum,Patriot Pocket Card and column contributions.

The Good Neighboring Campaign is continuing to undergo changes according to evaluations to better serve our communities.

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