Past Activities

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· Patriot Pocket Card: 1 million credit-card sized card with National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance written in English and Korean were distributed to Korean immigrants nationwide

· Good Neighboring Post: Every week 10,000 copies of Good Neighboring Post, newsletter in English and Korean, were distributed to Korean American community nationwide from May 2005 to Nov. 2008. Good Neighboring Post covered American history, culture, and current issues in America. This was the precedent for KAmerican Post.

· Message Mat: 250,000 place mats were printed and distributed to 725 Korean immigrant restaurants in the U.S. It contained American history, folktales, table manners, and other information regarding America.

· Good Neighboring Day: community service program for high-school dropouts with Korean immigrants at the National Guard’s Youth Challenge Program. Good Neighboring Day has been held 30 times in 7 states to serve 10,000 high-school dropouts.

· Community Appreciation Supper: community service program for local public safety officers where Korean immigrant churches prepare dinner and entertainment. This program has served 570 officers.  (media coverage link, pictures)

· Student Essay Contest: contest designed to motivate Korean immigrant students to find practical solutions to become successfully integrated in the larger American society. Many Korean immigrant youth submitted their essays and two winners were selected in 2005 and 2006.

· Good Neighbor of the Year Award: awards recognizing Korean immigrants who have served the community in outstanding ways. The 1st awardee was Dr. Tom Kim, founder of Free Medical Clinic of America that serves 70,000 working poor who cannot afford medical insurance by providing free health services.

· Etiquette Class: instructors’ training workshops regarding professional, social, and formal etiquette differences in the United States for Sunday school teachers in Korean immigrant churches and other interested persons. Twelve Sunday school teachers finished this instructor workshop and initiated etiquette classes in their respective churches for Korean immigrant youth and children in 2004.

· Immigrants Leadership Forum: forum designed to bringing together community leaders and members and initiate dialogue about immigrant integration issues. The 1st Immigrants Leadership Forum was held in 2005 to develop a practical action plan for Korean immigrants to become an integral part of the United States

· Presentations and columns: 130 presentations were made in various Korean immigrant organizations and 40 columns were contributed to Korean immigrant community newspaper that encourage Korean immigrant families to increase interactions with other ethnic groups and  become more involved in the larger community.

· Hurricane Relief Effort: initiated a campaign in the Korean American community to provide support for victims of hurricanes in the U.S

· School Supplies for Iraqi students: campaign initiated in the Korean American community to send school supplies for Iraqi students