Who We Are

Who We Are

What is Good Neighboring Campaign?

Mission Statement

“Good Neighboring Campaign (GNC) supports Asian immigrant families to become active citizens in the United States by increasing access to information, developing capacity for civic engagement, and building civic accountability”

Good Neighboring Campaign is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Atlanta, Georgia that works to increase civic engagement of Asian immigrant families. As an organization run by and working on behalf of Asian immigrant families, GNC has made efforts to mobilize Asian immigrant communities, particularly Korean immigrant communities, to build leadership from within the community since 2000.

Why We Are Needed

Good Neighboring Campaign works to help the growing Asian immigrant population better understand and adapt to expectations, underlying values, and other various systems of the United States.

Currently there exists a gap in which immigrants remain unknowledgeable, misunderstand, and become indifferent to American affairs, resulting in their lack of involvement and deepening fears of the unknown outside their ethnic enclaves.

Moreover, this also negatively affects the civic behavior of their children, who will play an important role in building America’s future. Our communities need linguistically and culturally appropriate programs, driven by voices from within the community, that bring Asian immigrant families out of isolation to become better connected to and participate in their larger communities.

This will not only prevent potential conflicts among diverse groups of people due to misunderstanding, but it will also unleash the immense potential stored within immigrant communities.

By joining efforts to move toward the development of a diverse and participatory culture, the Good Neighboring Campaign works to move the United States to reinforce the idea of unity in diversity and realize a more ideal democracy.

How We Are Doing

The Good Neighboring Campaign believes that a more comprehensive, holistic approach needs to be taken from within the community to help Asian immigrants become active and patriotic citizens of the United States.

The Good Neighboring Campaign has begun to build initiatives, leadership, and ownership within the Asian immigrant communities. By doing so, we are helping Asian immigrants reach their full potential, maximize their contribution to the United States, and become an integral part of American society.

Good Neighboring Campaign encourages Asian immigrant families to become ‘Good Neighbors’, who is active members of American society through education, dialogue, civic engagement and leadership development with five specific strategies as diagram shows.

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