KAmerican Post

KAmerican Post

KAmerican Post is one of education and dialogue initiatives for Korean immigrants to increase understanding on America. This is an online news source written in Korean (20% English) developed to help Korean immigrants become better informed about various aspects of America and successful integration examples of Asian immigrants in the American society.

KAmerican Post covers current issues in the United States, American history and system, culture and society, American etiquette, etc. This includes articles translated into Korean from main media like Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

As of March, 2014 KAmerican Post publishes around 10 articles each week and emails them twice a week to over 12,000 opinion leaders of Korean immigrant community nationwide. Many of readers are pastors in Korean- American churches, leaders of Korean American associations and local Korean-American media.

According to surveys, 93% of readers indicated that access to KAmerican Post has allowed them to better understand American history, politics and culture. About 91% indicated that through KAmerican Post, they felt challenged to make efforts to learn more about the United States.

You can get email letter of KAmerican Post by email without charge when you let us know your email address.

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