Civic Leadership For Youth

Civic Leadership For Youth

CLPY is an intensive service-learning leadership program that trains youth and young adults in the Asian immigrant communities to become leaders who are catalysts for positive change in their communities.

We believe that youth, particularly those in immigrant families, can have powerful influences on their families and on their larger communities. In order to harness such potential of the young people in Asian immigrant communities, the Good Neighboring Campaign launched the Civic Leadership Program for Youth that integrates education, skill- building workshops, and experiential work within a community of peers and mentors in 2012. By mobilizing the youth to become active and effective citizens, we hope to solve problems faced by the immigrant communities from within and make positive impacts on the larger society.

“[CLPY] is different from other volunteer activities because we, the students, took the initiative to identify the problem that WE see and find a way to address the problem… We can be a part of changing the community that we care about the most” – Sophia Lee, 11th grade, South Forsyth HS


[ Logic Model ]


  • [ Program Objectives ]
  • 1) Develop better understanding of themselves through self- reflective exploration of values, strengths, leadership styles, and skills, thus forming a sense of his or her role in their communities
  • 2) Become familiar with contemporary issues of various scales and different methods of community development
  • 3) Develop effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving approach, and other skills needed to become effective leaders who can behave professionally, maturely, and considerately
  • 4) Exercise leadership by engaging in discussions to identify practical strategies to create both small-scale and large-scale positive changes in their communities and implementing projects that address community needs
  • 5) Build a strong and supportive network of current and future community leaders
  • 6) Develop a sense of empowerment and civic responsibility to become active citizens



American Etiquette Class

American Etiquette Class is one of Leadership development for Asian Youth & Young Adult from Asian immigrant family.


This is a training workshop regarding professional, social, and formal etiquette differences in the United States. The ways to act in American society are unfamiliar to many people who are new to the United States, especially people coming from Asia, where the culture is so much different.


GNC’s American Etiquette Class is designed to help local Asian immigrant organizations teach proper American etiquette to their youth and young adults from Asian immigrant family.

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