Asian Senior Volunteer Program

Asian Senior Volunteer Program

Asian seniors who are above 55 years of age have interest in serving their communities through volunteering, thereby, having the satisfaction, sense of pride and especially sense of belonging to American community.

However, the reality is that Asian seniors have not been involved in volunteering. Most of Asian seniors tend to be limited in English ability and possess limited knowledge and experiences on community involvement. There have been several efforts to outreach seniors to promote and recruit for volunteering, but many Asian seniors have been left out from this outreach.

This fact clearly points to the need of linguistically and culturally appropriate programs that bring Asian seniors out of isolation to become better connected to and participate in volunteering for the community.
Asian Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (Asian RSVP) is new program to assist and encourage Asian seniors to get well involved in volunteer activities within the communities. No other similar program for targeting Asian seniors exists in nationwide than Asian Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.

Asian Retired and Senior Volunteer Program conducts recruitment activities within Asian communities, researches and informs various volunteer opportunities to Asian seniors via existing Asian community centers and organizations, and assists Asian seniors in conduct of actual volunteer activities through language facilitation, volunteer management and skill development workshop operation/coordination.


What Is Asian RSVP?

The group of Asian seniors with the age of 55 and above who live meaningful and healthy life by volunteering for communities with their experience and time.

Who Can Be?

Asian seniors who want to serve community on a regular basis as individual and/or group volunteer

Where Can I Apply?

Good Neighboring Campaign. They run Asian RSVP to provide Asian Seniors with volunteer opportunities and facilitate them to participate in the opportunities.

How Can I Apply?

  • 1. Submit Asian RSVP application form to Good Neighboring Campaign
  • You can download application form from here and submit by email or mail to the office of Good
    Neighboring Campaign
  • Email address: /
  • Mailing address:

    Civic Engagement Team

    c/o Good Neighboring Campaign
    3835 Presidential Parkway, Suite #111, Atlanta, GA 30340

  • 2. If necessary, submit required application form by volunteer organization
  • 3. Attend training, if applicable
  • For further information and/or questions, Please contact us.
  • Good Neighboring Campaign

    3835 Presidential Pkwy, Suite 111, Atlanta, GA 30340

    T: (770) 452-8039 F: (770) 452-9039 E:

3835 Presidential Parkway, Suite 111, Atlanta, GA 30340 / (770) 452-8039