Adopt-A-Road Campaign

Adopt-A-Road Campaign

Adopt-A-Road Campaign is one of civic engagement initiatives for Asian immigrants. Adopt-A-Road program is a promotional campaign undertaken by U.S. cities, counties and states to encourage volunteers to keep a section of a road/highway free from litter. In exchange for regular litter removal, an organization is allowed to have its name posted on a sign in the section of the roads/highways they maintain.

GNC has encouraged Asian immigrants to join Adopt-A-Road campaign, saying this program doesn’t need English or professional knowledge and just need their hands and feet.

For example, in 2012 a dozen of Korean American churches and associations in Atlanta, Georgia joined this campaign and began to clean the road they adopted 4 times a year. Most churches have cleaned the road with adults and youths together.

Participating Korean immigrants said they often watch the road they adopted if it is clean and have increased sense of belonging to the community they live.

The 4 Easy Steps

  • 1. Decide which road to adopt
  • 2. Contact City, County or State and Take Action
  • You will maintain the location for at least 12 months and have at least four cleanup during that time. Free garbage bags, ‘Men Working’ signs and safety vest will be provided
  • 3. Contact County or State for Post Cleanup Pickeup
  • 4. Receive Recognition for your group’s hard work!
  • Each adopted section of road will be marked with two signs with your group’s name

3835 Presidential Parkway, Suite 111, Atlanta, GA 30340 / (770) 452-8039